Repeat Depictions

Artist Collaborative Residency at Kentish Town Health Centre

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Work In Progress

Its been another productive week at KTHC. We are making good progress chriswipweband experimenting with all sorts of materials. Mixing art materials with found objects is proving intriguing and offering lots of potential of where the work can go. Working with a variety of objects is also stimulating the conversations Chris and and I are having while making the work. We have had many conversations about local and national politics, consumer culture and its impact on our daily lives.

Nothing is overlooked from the surgery waiting room, the coloured walls and even the odd insect that has entered into the space.




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After Fontana & Magritte

Through the art making process and observations in the space the wall piece and photographic work, as shown below, made this week posess within them references to the canon of art history.

The stitching was in response to thinking about how cuts to the skin are stitched and the subsequent scarring that can occur. In the process of making the work I was reminded of Fontana’s slashed canvases and see this as a response to mend that cut in the canvas.

After Fontana:


The reflections and shadows created by the design of the building of the health centre are very seductive when the sun shines. Working on the 2nd floor gives us a sense of being in amongst the trees and closer to the sky. The shadows and movement of the trees outside the window regularly catch our attention. When making a film of the view and reflections out of the window I captured this image below and it reminded me of the clouds in Magrittes surrealist paintings.

After Magritte:


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Observations & Exchanges

Its been a productive couple of weeks for Chris and Lisa at KTHC. We’ve been sharing ideas and opinions, experimenting with materials and enjoying exploring what can be achieved in the space and with resources we have.

Here is a selection of artwork that has emerged from those explorations.

Spine & Nerves

cspine&nerves lspine&nerves

Circular Lines

owalkinglines  orafice2

Flows and Interruptions

flowsninterruptions inject

Circuits and Connectors

lines&systems flows

Folds and Curves

folds and curvesweb foldscurvesclose




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Waiting Rooms

Every week I at Kentish Town Health Centre I pick up a copy of the Camden New Journal from the waiting reception area. It has provide me with plenty of material for a weekly collage. It’s surprising me how many anagrams I can create out of the papers title and I am having alot of fun making them.

Her is last weeks creation and below are two that I have collaged this week.


Image  collage7b

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The Great Fit To Work Scandal

In advance of The People’s Assembly planned demo this week – No More Austerity – Demand an Alternative, Chris has shared here his article and animation that he has made at Exposure in response to the Governments ‘Fit to Work’ tests.

Its very effective and sums up well many of the political conversations we have been having this week in the Library at KTHC.


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Lines & Shadows

We’ve settled into the space well now and are enjoying spending time together creating and making. It is such a privilege to make work in a different space. It allows new ideas and materials to be explored. The library of KTHC is a quiet, light space and is a safe space to reflect on where we are, experiment with materials and discuss potential ideas.

It has been a while since I made art work away from my usual studio space. Making work at KTHC has encouraged us to be creative and resourceful over what materials we can use and bring into work with and what can be used practically within the space. We both feel very inspired by what is possible in the space and are enjoying the energy that the architecture is giving us.

We have been applying or creativity and making skills through working with both found materials and random materials that we have brought in to work with. With the resources we had in front of us our starting points were much the same. As the time passed it was interesting to see how our work developed alongside each others. We soon became absorbed in the making process and the art work seemed to take on its own level of conversation alongside our spoken discussions.

A Sculptural Conversation:

webboatshadows2 webwhiteshadows1

The way that noises that come and go and how the light travels through the space is a frequent observations that we feel need to be incorporated into the work we are making. Art making is a whole sensory experience; it isn’t just what we see and feel in the making process it is also what we hear and even smell while we are making. All these senses effect our decision making, which effects the work and its final outcome.webhead

For example on Thursday while at KTHC I had a tense head, I enjoyed the calm of the library but somehow I think the anxiety in my head came through in the art that I produced that day and as a result produced this work on the right (which I think speaks for itself).

The lines and shape of the architecture of the health centre are definitely having an impact on our work alongside the thoughts about the functions of the body, the spine, the nervous system, the way that information flows and travels in and around us. The combination of these influences is coming through in the sculptural forms we are working on. Using a found piece of plastic from the neighbourhood and some wool I worked to develop the idea of veins moving through an architectural structures space which resulted the below sculptural form.

Once again the way the light came through the windows and through the scupture caught our attention and I enjoyed how the light danced over and through the surface naturally spotlighting areas of the work.



 Light and shadows can alter the original, the moving light through the trees beyond the windows is temporary and creates its own fleeting negative print of the light. Photographing  and filming Chris’s sculpture in the  gently moving light and shadow helped emphasise the outline of the construction emerging from the ephemerality of the shadows.



As a fun diversion at the end of the week I worked on a second Camden New Journal collage. Here is this weeks creation from the publication of Thursday 5th June. Jun Crew and a lemon!