Repeat Depictions

Artist Collaborative Residency at Kentish Town Health Centre


Chris Cooper and Lisa Muten will be the next artists in residence at Kentish Town Health Centre. Working in collaboration for 3 months at the centre from May to July 2014. The artists plan to use the residency to explore new ways of working in a new space and to explore how art can be used as a means of communication. Chris is a young artist with Autism. He is studying creative media at CONEL and at his time with Artbox, Action Space, Wac Arts he has made paintings, sculptures, digital animation, films and photography. Chris has also recently received an Achievement Award from the Jack Petchy Foundation for his writing.

Lisa is a practicing artist, having shown work with WW Gallery, Collective Studios  and at the Core Open. She is also an artist facilitator and tutor teaching at Brunel University and working with Action Space. Lisa is currently the Artist Tutor at the Leighton Project, Elfrida Rathbone, where Chris has previously attended as a student.

It is anticipated that this collaborative residency between these two artists will create an interesting and unique dialogue between the artists and health professionals. One of its aims is raise awareness of many of the challenges and anxieties that adults with mental health face and to help raise the profile of a sector of the community that is often under represented.
You will be able to follow the progress of the residency at and on twitter @repeatdepiction


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