Repeat Depictions

Artist Collaborative Residency at Kentish Town Health Centre

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We’ve less than a week to go before the residency closes for us. We have been reflecting on what that means to us and evaluating the experience. Chris and I have built up a good working relationship over the months and shared some interesting thoughts and ideas which we are sure will influence us in our future art practices.
This week is also about editing. We have made an interesting body of work over the 3 months and now is the time to think about how to present it. Chris is editing his sound pieces, I have been editing some film footage and we have been discussing how to display work and what titles to give.
We are looking forward to the final event on 31st July as an opportunity to share our experiences with you.


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Chasing Shadows

Its been a beautiful few weeks in London. The summer is at its height and the light is bright. We have been privileged to be working in a cool, light space surrounded by trees – sometimes light, air and greenery seem in short supply in the city.
It is the gentleness of the space that we are working in at KTHC that has so determined the way we have been working.
This week I have responded again to the light bouncing through the trees and the shadows cast by the sun in the room. Below are two drawings entitled Chasing Shadows. By trying to draw the shadows I seemed to lose their movement and the shapes created. It seemed a necessary event to make the drawings cast their own shadows and I was enticed to refer back to the paper folds we made earlier in the residency.
chasingshadows1 chasingshadows2

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Sample pots are something that many of us are familiar with when we visit the doctor. We’ve borrowed a few here to make this art work. The tubing connecting the colours and samples creates a connectivity and dialogue between the pots.


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Skins & Structures

Developing on an earlier theme of thinking about injections, needles and the piercing of skin and using materials we had previously experimented with the artwork below became formed.


The structure of the body, its internal veins and circuits and the supports its require continue to inspire Chris’s artwork.


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We have been experimenting a lot with materials this week – testing the unknown. I have been trying to keep coloured ink in plastic tubes without it coming out again. Not as easy as I thought. All being well when I return to space next week the ink will still be in the tubes.

Chris has been testing what he can do with found materials, embracing our consumer culture and reusing plastic containers to create an interesting body of work. Both of us are trying out our ideas and allowing the interaction of the materials dictate its outcome.

Wire and tubing has come into our work quite a lot – it seems to reference the circuits, tubes, veins and systems that run through our bodies. Chris’s wire sculpture here made me think about how sound reverberates into our ears.